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February 1st is Here


The Mercato window officially closes tonight and Serie A teams are ready for some (minor) action. It’s the exact opposite of Buy Nothing Day basically. Nothing spectacular will happen today as all the ”bigger” moves have been sealed already (David Beckham,Luca Toni,Goran Pandev,Andrea Dossena,Luis Jimenez, David Suazo,Antonio Candreva,Felipe,Maxi Lopez (Read more...)

Livorno Comeback from Milan with a Point and Davide Di Gennaro


Milan 1 – 1 Livorno…

Livorno picks up a well deserved point that somehow seems like a defeat. Serse Cosmi was saying after the game that if Livorno had a little more quality we might have won this game. Especially with the late game chances we creatively fucked up. Nonetheless, (Read more...)

A Match Full of Protagonists

Napoli 0 Genoa 0
Players from both sides left it all on the field as the teams fought to a scoreless draw Saturday night. The pace was electrifying for the whole 90 minutes and the physical play never relented. There were so many flying tackles even the ref’s uniform was (Read more...)

Parma v Inter: Called on Account of Snow

Parma Snow

So as I am sure you all know, the Parma – Inter game has been canceled due to snow in Parma…

The official word:

This afternoon’s Serie A Week 22 match between Parma and Inter at the Stadio Ennio Tardini has been postponed until Wednesday 10 February at 20:45. (Read more...)

PotD: New Dog, Same Old Tricks.


No, I’m not referring to soft penalties called in Juventus’ favour. I am however referring to the inability of this club to hold onto leads. After what could be argued as a make-up penalty called on Lazio’s Diakite, one of only two Serie A penalty shots called in Juventus’ favour this (Read more...)

Hollywood’s Romance with Rome – Most Recently ‘When in Rome,’

The new Disney romantic comedy "When in Rome," starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel, is just the latest film to use the Eternal City as its backdrop. In fact, there have been so many films set in Rome that there are two others with the same name: 1952's "When in Rome" is a quirky buddy film about a young priest (Van Johnson) visiting Rome who befriends a con man (Paul Douglas); and 2002's made-for-video comedy "When in Rome" stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as twins who find love and adventure while in a summer intern program.

Here are a few others: "Roman Holiday": This 1953 classic is sheer perfection. "Three Coins in the Fountain": Disney's "When in Rome" is actually a very loose remake of this 1954 Academy Award best picture nominee. "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone", "Indiscretion of an American Wife",  "Seven Hills of Rome", "Rome Adventure", "Gidget Goes to Rome".

Hollywood's Romance with Rome

The Eternal City has loomed large in various love-centered comedies and dramas, most recently 'When in Rome,' starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel.

Los Angeles Times; By Susan King; January 30, 2010
There's a legend surrounding Rome's Trevi Fountain -- toss a coin into the water and you're ensured another visit to the Eternal City. Movie producers must have been throwing coins into the Trevi for years because Hollywood keeps returning to Rome to shoot comedies and dramas dealing with love and romance.

The new Disney romantic comedy "When in Rome," starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel, is just the latest film to use the Eternal City as its backdrop. In fact, there have been so many films set in Rome that there are two others with the same name: 1952's "When in Rome" is a quirky buddy film about a young priest (Van Johnson) visiting Rome who befriends a con man (Paul Douglas); and 2002's made-for-video comedy stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as twins who find love and adventure while in a summer intern program.

Here's a look at a few Hollywood films set in Roma:

"Roman Holiday": This 1953 classic is sheer perfection. In her first starring role, Audrey Hepburn plays a bored European princess on a tour who escapes from her guardians in Rome and travels around the city incognito until a handsome American reporter ( Gregory Peck) recognizes her. The two end up falling in love. Hepburn received a best actress Oscar for her endearing performance. William Wyler directed. "Roman Holiday" was the first American production to be shot entirely in Rome.

"Three Coins in the Fountain": Disney's "When in Rome" is actually a very loose remake of this 1954 Academy Award best picture nominee. This glossy romance revolves around three American women -- Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters and Maggie McNamara -- employed at the American embassy who try to find love in Rome. Of course, they hope throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain will help them find their one and only. Louis Jourdan, Rossano Brazzi and Clifton Webb are the men they snag. The title tune, performed in the film by Frank Sinatra, won the best song Oscar.

"The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone": Based on Tennessee Williams' novel, this melodrama revolves around an aging actress ( Vivien Leigh) whose husband suffers a fatal attack on the plane on their way to Rome for a holiday. She decides to stay in Rome and rents a luxurious apartment. She is befriended by a shady countess ( Lotte Lenya) who introduces the widow to a handsome young Italian gigolo ( Warren Beatty). Being a Williams tale, it's safe to say their love is not here to stay.

"Indiscretion of an American Wife": Love is also a battlefield in this flawed but compelling 1954 drama that was filmed in the actual Stazione Termini in Rome. Jennifer Jones plays a married American woman who is trying to end her tumultuous relationship with her Italian lover ( Montgomery Clift). The film was produced by Jones' husband David O. Selznick and directed by Italian neorealist master Vittorio De Sica, who spoke no English at the time.

"Seven Hills of Rome": The penultimate acting role of 1950s singing sensation Mario Lanza, this 1958 musical romance finds the beefy actor playing an Italian American TV star with a jet-setting fiancée (Peggie Castle) who travels to Rome to find her. Lanza performs the hit "Arrivederci Roma" and "Questo o Quella" from "Rigoletto."

"Rome Adventure": Delmar Daves directed this 1962 potboiler starring Suzanne Pleshette as a New England school librarian who finds herself in hot water when she gives a student a restricted book on love. She quits her job and moves to Rome where she gets a job in a bookstore. She finds digs in a boarding house where she becomes enchanted with an American architectural student ( Troy Donahue). When the student's wealthy girlfriend ( Angie Dickinson) moves back to the states, the two begin to date. Rossano Brazzi plays the sophisticated Italian who wants to teach the librarian the ways of love. The film features the 1961 hit song, "Al di là." Two years later, Pleshette and Donahue were briefly married.

"Gidget Goes to Rome": Even the surfing "girl midget" finds love in the Eternal City in this featherweight 1963 romantic comedy. Cindy Carol plays the 17-year-old Gidget who persuades her parents to allow her to go to Rome with a group of friends, including her steady Moondoggie (James Darren), as well as a dotty chaperon. But it doesn't take long for a beautiful Italian guide to make a play for Moondoggie. 

Yalies Analyzes “Jersey Shore”

Yale U. cites  The Oxford English Dictionary definition of guido as "a person regarded as socially unsophisticated, one whose attire and behavior are viewed as typically lower-class suburban. Also:  an Italian-American man, esp. one who is aggressively masculine and vain regarding his appearance and possessions."
While it gives a broader view of "Jersey Shore" than found elsewhere, it never the less uses the commonly used descriptive  terms, buffoons, disgusting conduct,  drunk people make asses of themselves, tasteless, offensive, shocking, laughably absurd, abrasive, bellicose girl, unwillingness to work, showing off her breasts, cheating, ignorant, oblivious, self absorbed, aggressive, and aspirations  that are composed of only "dreams" with no intent on effort.

Gym, Tan, Laundry: Revisited
Yale Daily News; By Austin Bernhardt ; Friday, January 29, 2010

...I'm still holding out judgment about whether MTV is alive or merely a reanimated corpse. But whatever the case, Jersey Shore" far from ending any debates, made things infinitely more complicated...."Jersey Shore" has generated more publicity, more controversy and higher ratings than any MTV show since "The Hills"...
But "Jersey Shore" has produced more questions than answers: Who is the butt of this joke? What does it mean for MTV to be dealing in stereotypes? And perhaps most importantly, what does this mean for the future of reality programming? ...MTV is pushing the boundaries of television, even if it is doing so in ways that occasionally disgust us and often make us uncomfortable.
In a recent article in The New Yorker, Nancy Franklin argues that the popularity of shows like "Jersey Shore" is based on their ability to show us how different we are from the buffoons pictured on screen. ...The absurdity of the show appeals to both highbrow and lowbrow sensibilities. On the one hand, MTV's winking self-awareness has turned the show into a postmodern "reality" extravaganza, the perfect fodder for snarky blogger types and college students alike. On the other hand, it's funny to watch drunk people make asses of themselves, and the "Jersey Shore" crew is drunk all the time.
In an informal poll of "Shore"  fans here on campus, most students said they think the show is the funniest of its kind... but the show is tasteless, offensive and shocking enough .... Maybe the show's outrageousness piqued the interest of Yalies like us ? we tend to have a penchant for the laughably absurd. ...
Angelina "Jolie" Pivarnick, is an abrasive, bellicose girl from Staten Island, N.Y., who prides herself on her all-natural figure and who left the show early in the season due to her unwillingness to work. There's Jenni "JWOWW"  Farley of Long Island, N.Y., a young woman with a propensity for showing off her breasts and cheating on her boyfriend. Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino, the self-named "man of the house" from Staten Island, starts off the season as cocky and inconsiderate,... Arguably the most absurd character on the show, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi hails from outside Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and achieved fame after being punched in the face by a man in a bar. She has since garnered attention through her crazy antics and her habit of striking out with men, (even begging doesn't help) and has been described as an Oompa Loompa and a "hobbit Elvira"  on the Slate and New York magazine culture blogs...
...The New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus, Unico National, the Order of the Sons of Italy in America and the National Italian-American Foundation... and  Seaside Heights officially expressed its disapproval of the show,...also criticized the show and called for its cancellation.
And with good reason. The people featured on the show are ignorant, oblivious and self-absorbed. The men follow a dogma of "GTL" (gym, tan, laundry) and are often misogynistic; the women express their love of juiceheads (i.e., steroid users) and dress inappropriately. Everyone pushes the line between a healthy tan and an orange sheen. Everyone drinks too much. And everything, from their clothes to their garage to their wall ornaments, is adorned with the red, white and green of the Italian flag.
To make matters worse, the show's cast members freely identify themselves as guidos and guidettes, a traditionally derogatory term for Italian men and women. The term nowadays is accepted among some groups of young Italian-Americans as merely being a style of living and dress....Snooki told Conan O?Brien: "We like to look good, we like to go out, be [the] center of attention"
The Oxford English Dictionary defines guido as "a person regarded as socially unsophisticated, esp. one whose attire and behaviour are viewed as typically lower-class suburban. Also: spec. an Italian-American man, esp. one who is aggressively masculine and vain regarding his appearance and possessions."
"Jersey Shore" may have complicated the "guido" debate to the point of futility. At the very worst, it is no better than ("nigger") ? At the very best, it is a word that has become divorced from its origin as a derogatory term for Italian-American men and has become a signifier for a lifestyle and attitude adopted across a wide ethnic spectrum....
Perhaps the reason the offensive implications of "guido" never occurred to the cast of the "Shore" is one of the reasons we find these people so laughable: They are completely removed from the realities, subtleties and complications of the world that plague the rest of us.
When Pauly D famously encountered an Israeli girl who (was absolutely intent on bending him to her will, and became a "stalker") he said he didn't want to discuss religion.....[He] just [wanted] to get to the "business" (fornication)
The show is designed to encourage just that obliviousness: If you take a bunch of people linked by their ignorance and self centeredness ....after a certain point, these people slowly understood that the allure of the show came from the fact that their viewers found them ridiculous. What's the point of cultivating talents or even getting a job when you can (get famous, "by just being your ignorant self" ...
What I find most interesting about the "Jersey Shore" crew's meteoric rise to fame, however, is not merely that they are the human being equivalents of cartoon characters, but how they stand to change the nature of reality-based celebrity forever....
It feels different ! In their obliviousness... They told us things that anyone who had any semblance of what they were saying wouldn't say , like "I feel like this job is beneath me. I'm a bartender. I do, you know " great things"  Angelina said in one episode). The atrocious acting skills they exhibit in the moments in which they play classical actors playing themselves....
..What does this all mean for MTV?...There was an almost anthropological bent to the advertising and presentation of "Jersey Shore":  REAL LIFE GUIDOS! ...But the game-changing fact was that they didn't seem to get the joke, at least not while they were filming. ...
Which, at least in my mind, helps to explain why "Jersey Shore" has gotten so much negative attention. Michael Farina, an Italian-American and a senior lector in Italian at Yale, sees this as a discussion that should have come to light sooner. "It just seems to be that Italian-Americans can continually be mocked in the media from the news to "The Sopranos" to the "Jersey Shore", and it's seen as acceptable,?..
My search for Italian-American students who find the show offensive was ultimately fruitless, possibly because of this strange tension. MTV got too ridiculous; they stretched the boundaries so that they were making fun of their own schtick as much as they were making fun of the butts of their joke. The whole thing seemed like a con, but it was unclear who was conning who.
"It's too much of a satire of itself to be taken too seriously," Max Saltarelli -13, an Italian-American freshman, told me in an interview when asked if he found the show offensive. "I find it funny that these people tried to create this whole subculture and tie it together with an Italian flag when that's actually really irrelevant to the whole thing",  he added.
Perhaps it's telling, then, that MTV's shift toward "realer" reality is being paired with a shift toward more scripted programming. "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" a new MTV series about a high school nerd with a big penis (seriously!) will air this summer as part of MTV's new project to reinvent itself for a changing youth demographic. The network will also premiere a new show called 'Warren the Ape"....
Meanwhile, all signs seem to show that the stars of "Jersey Shore"  continue to dream big. What exactly that dream means is unclear,.... [ when it appears that ALL  you intend to do is ,....Dream........No Work,....... No Education.......Just Dream !!! .... after all. Why Work ?                    They invented the Lottery so you don't have to work.....just  Booze and  Broads !!!!!! ]

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