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Napolitano will take to Parliament legislation on work

Posted By: Euro eNews Italy on March 31, 2010 in Entertainment, Italy, Italy News - Comments: No Comments »

11 hours 14 minutes by President Giorgio Napolitano has returned to the Parliament the Labour Law, which introduces the possibility prior to arbitration instead of court for litigation work. Continue reading this article According to a press release, the Quirinal "has seen fit to further consideration by the Chambers, so (Read more...)

Tax, personal income tax revenue up 1.3% in 2009, averaging 18,873

10 hours 48 minutes The total income increased personal income tax in 2009, 1, 3% to 782.6 billion euros despite the decline in GDP of more than a point and declared the tax net result increased by 2.7% . Continue reading this news was announced by the Ministry of Economy (Read more...)

Iran agree to start work between 6 powers on Iran sanctions

9 hours 11 minutes six world powers, including Russia and China have agreed today to begin to outline new sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program. Said a source familiar with the talks. Continue reading this article The source said that the representatives of Great Britain, USA, France and Germany (Read more...)

Russia, in Dagestan bomb, claimed Moscow attack

8 hours 43 minutes Two suicide bombers today killed at least 12 people in the Northern Caucasus, two days after the attacks in Moscow, claimed by Chechen rebels. Continue reading this news car bomb exploded while the police chase, and a bomber in police uniform blew it in the midst (Read more...)

Read (PD) on regional alliances to start from scratch after

6 hours 21 minutes The result of the regional elections to push the Democratic Party to rethink the policy of alliances and its proposals on taxes and immigration. Said Assistant Secretary of Pd Enrico Letta in an interview with Panorama on newsstands tomorrow Continue reading this article "With this vote, (Read more...)

Pedophile priests, the Holy See: NYTimes unfair attack on the Pope

6 hours 13 minutes The recent attack on the New York Times, Pope Benedict XVI on pedophile priests unjust, according to Cardinal William J. Levada, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican. To continue reading this article about an article and an editorial appeared (Read more...)

“Captain Kirk” Shatner Firing Negative Italian American Stereotypes Phasers; “The Gavones” Series

William Shatner star of "Star Trek" (1966-1997),  "T.J. Hooker" (1982 -1986). "Rescue 911"(1989 -1996), was (born March 22, 1931)  of  Jewish immigrant grandparents from Austria, Poland, and Hungary, and raised in Conservative Judaism. He has been married four times, and has been reported as difficult to work with because of his " big, shiny, demanding ego."

To my knowledge Shatner has NO knowledge of Italian Culture.  Would it not be better for him to do a series on "Kikes in the Catskills", "Hebes in Hymietown", "Jews, Christ Killer", "Shylocks of Wall Street ", or The Yid Kids" ???

UNICO National Criticizes 'Captain Kirk' Shatner for Firing Phasers at Italian-American Community With His Tasteless Cartoon Show

FAIRFIELD, N.J., March 29, 2010 - UNICO National President Andre DiMino has called upon William Shatner, the Canadian who rose to fame as Captain Kirk on Star Trek, to pull down an "incredibly offensive" animated cartoon Shatner has made that stereotypes Italian-Americans, called "The Gavones."
A pilot for the cartoon, which is about mobsters in Hollywood, was made last year and appears on both Shatner's YouTube page and his personal webpage. On Shatner's YouTube page, the description for the show notes: "Make an offer you can't refuse" The Gavones will most likely make an offer you can't understand.
Shatner employs a mispronounced Italian word by naming his show "The Gavones." The Italian term for "Gavones" is "Cafone," or plural "Cafoni," which means "peasant" but has evolved into meaning a boorish, poorly behaved individual(s). It has found its way into American usage as the mispronounced and misspelled word "Gavone."
"It appears that the damage stereotyping causes has been lost on Shatner, who for many years was stereotyped and typecast as Captain Kirk, blocking him from many roles in Hollywood," DiMino said. "Instead, Captain Kirk has cowardly gone, where many have gone before him - launching a cheap broadside on the Italian-American community via the stereotype of the mob. I wish I could flip open my own Communicator and have Scotty beam Kirk to an alternative universe where we wouldn't have to hear from this very tacky overexposed persona."
"The sad reality is that there are not many Italians in powerful positions in Hollywood, and the stereotypical ethnic-bashing cartoon that Shatner is championing underscores that," DiMino said. "Even for Shatner, who embarrasses himself routinely as a classless pitchman and an anything-for-a-buck shill, this is a new low."
In an interview last year with, Shatner said that Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Martin Scorsese are likely to appear in the cartoon. "We can get anybody we want with the flick (of a pen)," he arrogantly commented.
DiMino noted that while existence of the show came to UNICO only recently, as the show has only been Internet-based, he believes Shatner continues to exercise poor judgment by leaving it online. "He should know better, pull it offline and apologize to the Italian-American community," DiMino said.
DiMino has led the charge in recent anti-bias efforts with more than 40 major media appearances and dozens of print stories in leading UNICO National's crusade against MTV's "Jersey Shore." The campaign has thus far resulted in T-Mobile, Dell, Domino?s Pizza, Family Insurance, and Zappos withdrawing their advertisements from the show.
UNICO National, the nation's largest Italian-American service organization, with local chapters throughout the United States, was founded in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1922. Its volunteer members support charitable, educational, and community service projects while promoting Italian heritage and combating negative stereotyping. For information or to join UNICO National call 973-808-0035 or visit
Sebastian D'Elia, UNICO National Communications Director

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