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Browse below our collection of photos of Italian Soccer (Calcio Italia). We have photos of fans and the best players and teams in all of Italy.   This includes photos of the 2006 World Cup Championship Italy team that consisted of the following players that have been immortalized since their championship win: Gianluigi Buffon, Cristian Zaccardo, Fabio Grosso, Daniele De Rossi, Fabio Cannavaro (...
Famous Italian Quotes
Insightful and ingenious quotes have originated in Italy for centuries. Below is a list of some of our favorite Italian quotations. We are always looking to add more quotes to this page, so if you would like to share a famous Italian quote with us, please use our Contact Us form. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci - Italian draftsman, Painter, Sculptor, Archit...
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Browse below our collection of photos from around Roma, Italia (Rome, Italy). We have photos of the Coliseum, Saint Peter's Basilica, the Campidoglio, the Roman Forum, the Vatican, Trastevere, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, and many more sights from around The Eternal City. Rome (English pronunciation: /roʊm/; Italian: Roma, pronounced [ˈroːma]; Latin: Roma) is the capi...
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Browse below our collection of photos of Italian cuisine and gastronomy. We have photos of Italian pizza, pasta, panini, meats, cheeses, wines, delicious Italian platters, and many more pictures related to food in Italy. If you would like to view more fan pictures of Italy, or would like to post some pictures of your own, make sure to visit our Italy Photo Gallery. The vast majority of our photo...

Waving Goodbye to an Old Friend


Another season is closing in upon us and as with every new training camp my mind is always cast backward to those who are not going to be starting the new season with us. In this case, we are moving on without Francesco Toldo.

Just, as I was told in (Read more...)

A Little Bit of Catch-up

Ok, ok. So I know I have been a little lazy in the whole blog department, but I am here now so lets make the most of it. While there hasn’t been a whole lot of movement on the transfer front (read: none), there is still stuff to discuss. Oh, (Read more...)

Random Thoughts about the World Cup and the Summer of Panic


Just some thoughts on the World Cup, Inter players playing in the World Cup and transfer nonsense.

You know, the regular summer fare.

– Here’s how you can tell if our players were physically spent from the incredible season. The Brazilian defensive line – which is basically our defensive line (Read more...)

Muntari Goes the Way of Anelka — Sorta

Muntari against Australia
It seems that Sulley Muntari has found himself in hot water, much like France’s Anelka.

Reports from South Africa are that Muntari was not at all happy with the level of participation he had in Ghana’s 1-1 draw with Australia. Apparently he “stormed off” after the game and confronted Ghana (Read more...)

INTER-national Round-up: Pre-World Cup Edition

I wrote this yesterday before the coach thing came down. I guess it still has some relevance.

As many of our squad have gone to play with their respective national teams, I thought I would try to keep everyone up to date on how they are doing.

Inter has ten (Read more...)

Something to Replace the Page that was Here Before

Is it Sunday yet?

Basically, I am just sick of looking at the page that was here before (no offense, MAD. I just have a short attention span). There is not any one specific issue that needs to be dealt with, but there are some odds and ends we can talk about. As for (Read more...)

Barcelona 1 – Inter 0: Defense is Beautiful


Does this guy look like he regrets being a footballer?

I thought that the two game tie with Barcelona showed the difference of two teams at the top of the European game. Both teams have great athletes. Both teams have incredibly skilled footballers. The difference between both teams came on (Read more...)

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