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Join Us!

Posted By: ItaloSearch on April 2, 2010 in - Comments: 8 Comments »

Dear Fellow Italy Fans,

I need your help.

With the FIFA World Cup quickly approaching, and global competition heating up everywhere, I’m trying to beef up this web site and our Italy Facebook Fan Page to become a major platform for the promotion and dissemination of Italy related information everywhere.

With over 274,000 Facebook Fans, the Italy Facebook Fan page is one of the largest communities of Italy fans anywhere.

It holds so much promise for the promotion of all the things that are great about Italy, but I haven’t had the time to police it for spam and give it the attention it deserves.

For this reason, I’m reaching out to you, and all of the rest of the Italy fans out there asking you to join me in a crusade to promote Italy through our Italy Facebook Fan Page and this ItaloSearch web site.

The greatest legacy the Italian peninsula ever left us with is that of the Roman Empire. One of the reasons the Roman Empire was great was because it employed a revolutionary organizational structure that was inclusive of newcomers, ultimately enveloping most all populations of the known western world.

The Romans empowered individuals and extended the rights and privileges of Roman citizenship to all citizens across their vast empire.

I want to use this aspect of the Roman Empire model to inspire you to jump in, contribute to ItaloSearch, and earn some extra income while you’re at it.

Below I have listed several ways you can help – please consider each of them – paying particular attention to #2 below if you want to earn some extra money.

1) Become a Fan on Facebook

If you haven’t already, please make sure and become a Fan of our Italy Facebook Fan page. If you’re already a Fan, please send a message to your friends and encourage them to become a Fan too. The link to the Italy Facebook Fan Page is:

2) Earn Money By Posting Content at ItaloSearch

I have opened up the ItaloSearch web site so that everyone can contribute Italy related content, articles, information, and photos. One of the big areas we need help with preparation for the FIFA World Cup starting in June 2010. We want Italia Football (Soccer) fans to be blogging and writing and tweeting about the World Cup, right here on ItaloSearch, about all of the players, and all the games during Italy’s bid for a second consecutive World Championship.

All of the information that’s posted here on ItaloSearch automatically gets tweeted out to Twitter which leads to even more exposure for Italy. We need to get the word out and help promote this incredible country, and this incredible football (soccer) team, that we love so much. I don’t want any other country getting more tweets on Twitter than Italy during the World Cup season!

Now some of you might be saying, why should I write for ItaloSearch? What’s in it for me?

That’s a good question. If you just give me a little more time to continue explaining this whole thing, and you continue reading this page, I think you’ll be very excited, and I think you’ll see there is a lot in it for you, including the potential to earn extra income…

But first off, I will say that if you are truly interested in starting your own Italy web site (or any other web site for that matter), then more power to you! Running your own web site can be very rewarding and its not that difficult to do anymore. To launch this web site, I used the Beyond Domaining system, and I’d highly recommend it if you’d like to launch your own web site or blog. (The Beyond Domaining product has an easy to follow step by step illustrated guide on how to launch your own web site or blog. It walks you through every step of the way, from start to finish – setting up your hosting account, configuring your web site, integrating Google Ads, etc, etc. It makes it all super easy.)

Anyway, back to why you would want to contribute and write for ItaloSearch

Remember one of the inspirations for this web site, and for the Italy Facebook Fan Page?

Another thing the Romans taught us was that if we all coordinate and unite, we will be much stronger, even as individuals, than we would be without coordination and unification. That spirit of coordination and unification was what enabled the tiny city of Rome to unite the entire Italian peninsula and then later most of the entire known Western world, ushering in a Golden Age of peace, prosperity, and rule of law. Contrary to popular belief, it was not so much that the Romans were ‘conquering’ people, as it was that they were ‘uniting’ people, that lead to the Romans’ astounding success.

What that means in today’s context is that if all of us Italy fans unite and work together on something we care about – in this case Italy – and continue adding Italy related content and information, and continue investing our time and effort into building ItaloSearch and the Italy Facebook Fan Page, then the site will gain greater momentum and it will build a name that people can trust and rely on, bringing people back again and again for information on Italy, ultimately creating more value because it is part of a greater whole.

The Romans used this concept to build their empire, and you can use it to earn an extra income right here at ItaloSearch.

That’s right, if you begin contributing content to the ItaloSearch web site, not only are you helping promote Italy, but you can also reap the benefits by being a part of something great and earning advertising revenue from the content posts you put up. And the more Italy fans that get involved, and the more content that is produced, the greater the rewards you stand to gain as an individual…. just like the citizens of the Roman empire.

How does all this work? And how can you begin making money on ItaloSearch by capitalizing on your enthusiasm for Italy? It’s quite simple really…

To get started adding content to this web site you first need to Register and then you’ll need to Login.

Once you are logged in to the ‘admin’ section of the web site, you can begin adding content Posts from the left hand side navigation of the page. It should be self explanatory on how to do this, but if you have any trouble, you can send me a message via our contact us page after you’ve registered and I can help explain how to add posts and images in the form of content posts.

Listen up, cause here’s how you can make money… After you’ve contributed your first seven (7) pages of approved and published original content that are at least 250 words long, you can start earning money from the advertisements on the ItaloSearch web site. Just create a a Google AdSense account and send us your Google AdSense Publisher ID number using our contact us form and we’ll start running your ads on the content posts you produce. You get 100% of the ad impressions for the content posts that you author. Google handles the ads, and Google handles the tracking, and Google handles the payments, and you can monitor everything online in your Google AdSense account. At the end of every month you’ll get a check in the mail or direct deposit in your bank account from Google.

Pretty cool, huh?!?!

Well it gets even better!

Get Recognized with a Link Back to Your Web Site, Blog, or Twitter Page for Every Post!

After you’ve contributed your first seven (7) pages of approved and published original content, you also have the option of adding a link back to your own personal web site, blog or Twitter page for every article you post. This is a great way to begin building your online presence and begin promoting yourself as an expert in a particular Italy related topic area, and driving traffic to your web site or Facebook or Twitter page. If you would prefer to maintain your privacy, you can choose a ‘ghost’ or fake name or you can decline recognition all together.

Get recognized on our About Us page.

The top ten (10) all-time contributing authors will have their bios published on our About Us page including an optional link back to your own personal web site, blog, Facebook or Twitter page. In addition, the top ten (10) contributors from the previous month will have their bios published on our About Us page, including an optional link back to your own personal web site, blog, Facebook or Twitter page. This is also great way to begin building your online presence and begin promoting yourself as an expert in a particular topic area. If you would prefer to maintain your privacy, you can choose a ‘ghost’ or fake name or can decline recognition all together.

Now that you know why its so great to contribute to ItaloSearch, its important for all of us to unite!

The more Italy fans we get to join us, the bigger the site will become, and the more money you’ll make!

What should you write about?

Anything under the Italian sun (pun intended). As long as its related to Italy, its fair game. Sky’s the limit, but here are a few suggestions.

  • Write player profiles of each of the 2010 Italy national team football (soccer) team (e.g. Buffon, De Rossi)
  • Profile your favorite Italian celebrities (e.g. Monica Bellucci, Roberto Benigni)
  • Provide your views on Italian politics (e.g. Hero or goat? What is your opinion of Silvio Berlusconi?)
  • Discuss your favorite Italian fashion brands (e.g. Gucci, Fendi, Armani, Prada)
  • Review your favorite Italian automobiles (e.g. Ferrari, Lamborghini)
  • Provide recipes for your favorite Italian dishes (e.g. pizza, pasta, panini)
  • Provide travel tips for visiting your favorite Italian cities (e.g. Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan)
  • Provide reviews of your favorite Italian cinema (e.g. Life is Beautiful, Il Postino, Cinema Paradiso)
  • Profile your favorite Italian musicians (e.g. Ligabue, Vasco Rossi)

I could go on and on, but the sky’s really the limit. Anything that you have an interest in that’s related to Italy, I would love for you to write about it here at ItaloSearch.

3) We need moderators for the Italy Facebook Fan page.

The Italy Facebook Fan Page is in need of moderators. We have 274,000 Facebook Fans and it has become a target for spammers. We need to proactively monitor it for spam and derogatory and inflamatory posts and proactively post relevant information about Italy on a regular basis.

Ho parlato Italiano piu buono alcuni anni fa, ma adesso, il mio Italiano non e’ ancora in forma. In particulare, abbiamo bisogno di personi que parlano Italiano per il Facebook Fan Page Italy.

Intended Translation: I used to speak pretty pretty good years ago, but right now my Italian is out of practice. In particular, we need people that speak Italian for the Italy Facebook Fan Page.

To become a moderator of the Italy Facebook Fan Page is considered an honor. At the end of each month, the top four to ten (4 – 10) contributors to will be granted moderator status for a one month time period for the Italy Facebook Fan Page. If you continue to be a top contributor, you can keep your moderator status indefinitely. Moderators will be selected based on quantity and quality of articles posted on each month.

As a moderator of the Italy Facebook Fan Page, you will be looked to as a leader of one of the largest and most important Fan Pages on all of Facebook, especially before the critical World Cup season. As a moderator of the Italy Facebook Fan Page you will have the ability to send out messages to over 274,000 Italy Fans. That’s really powerful stuff. Every moderator must adhere to strict anti-spam guidelines, but you are encouraged to send out relevant messages to our Italy Fans periodically.

In Summary

Italy needs your help – the Italy Facebook Fan Page needs your help – I need you help.

I would be honored if you’d take me up in the three areas outlined above and summarized below:

  1. Please join the Italy Facebook Fan Page and recommend it to your friends.
  2. Please Register and Login and start adding content posts about your favorite Italy related topics. Once you’ve added seven (7) articles to the site, please set up an account at Google AdSense and send me your Publisher Account ID and I’ll start running your ad code on 100% of the article posts you author (this is how you’ll earn money). And if you’d like a link back to your site from every post, please also send me the URL to where you’d like your articles to link to.
  3. After submitting at least seven (7) article posts to the ItaloSearch web site, please user our Contact Us page to let me know if you’d like to become a moderator for our Italy Facebook Fan Page.

Finally, if you decide that instead of contributing articles and content to the ItaloSearch web site, you’d like to launch your own web site or blog, I can recommend the Beyond Domaining system with confidence since I used it to launch this site that you’re at right now.

Grazie mille!

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8 Responses

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  1. Marion says:


    I’m sorry but as you said above, my Italian is not too good so I can’t write for the Facebook page. I can however contribute content to your website. I am of Italian descent and I live in South Africa (the host country for the World Cup this year). I am also a journalist, so this may be of value in contributing content.

    Please let me know how best I can assist with this project.

    Passionately yours,

  2. Ryan P. says:

    I will Love to help out with italy promtoin while making money.I am 29/M from NJ. Just tell me what I need to do. I’m a hard worker Life Guard traing to be EMT I have my own bizz Landscaping. So i’m willing to train and do what I can.Please write me back A.S.A.P Thank You very much.Be will Ryan Parker

  3. michele devivo says:

    ciao tutti – native of Sarno, IT – lived in US for 20 years – speak, read, write Italian and English – hosted several Italian Language classes and social groups – currently under-employed – I need to money and experience in writing on issues pressing to the italian community – please contact me or on facebook too – Michele Devivo – Denver CO – grazie mille -

  4. egi says:

    ciao a tutti
    im egi and im from tirana albania.i would love to help with your page cause we(albanians)have great relations with italy.i will surely invinte everyone i know to contribute in his page for all our people who live and work in italy.that wil be a opportunity to be more near the people who live in italy.

  5. ItaloSearch says:

    Ciao tutti,

    Thank you for your offers to help. The best way to help is to review and follow the instructions listed on this page, including Registering for an account and adding content posts here on

    Thank you for your help!

    A Dopo!

  6. khadiga says:

    italy is the best forever

  7. farhood goodarzi says:

    i am farhood from iran ,male 23
    italy have been a special love in my life. calture ,sport,economic , industrial and every thing of this country play as an important issue ,specially sport of italia , i feel
    this country is an INSEPARABLE part of my mind for ever.

  8. Kamila says:

    te amo italia y vamos italia vamos ♥

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